ANZ Partners is a brain child of Aqeel, Nabeel and Zain. The idea behind this venture was to form a Law Firm that not only believes in diversity and modern technology in this frail Legal System but a promise towards providing people with fair and just legal services. Our International Law Firm believes our Clients’ success determines our credibility, therefore, we ensure both by collaborating with our Clients’ to achieve the required goals.

ANZ Partners aims to transform the lay man’s perception of the legal system in Pakistan by providing unmatchable legal services in all areas of Law. Our Partners, having graduated from internationally renowned world class universities, possess a deeper understanding of what a modern Client’s legal needs are and how they should be catered to.

Our diverse clientage ranges from Local Industries, Conglomerates, Governmental Organizations, Banks, IT & Telecom Industry, Diplomatic Missions and Embassies to name a few. We have a strong national and international network of associates to ensure legal assistance in all corners of the World wherever you may require, ANZ Partners will deliver.

We take immense pride in providing quality legal services and the way we conduct our business, regardless of the circumstances, our valuable Clients may find themselves in. Our Lawyers have the competence and confidence to represent you before any Court of Law with dignity and innovation that sets us apart from other Law Firms.