The mere truth won’t do. You must have a Lawyer

ANZ Partners was founded by prominent Lawyers committed to excellence in the practice of Law, whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards, diversity and individuality in its Lawyers.

In line with the vision of our founders, ANZ Partners is committed to openness, diversity, individuality, and collegiality. The outstanding talent and individual interests of our Lawyers are the essence of the firm. In recruiting new lawyers, we look for diversity and look out for professionals who possess superior intellectual capabilities, share the firm’s vision and values, and have the initiative and potential to become our future Partners.

We have modern technology and state of the art communication system to provide legal services and counseling. We believe in efficient and productive service, which should be with the objective of minimizing litigation and time wastage. It is a core conviction of our Law Firm that the practice of Law is a privilege, one that carries with it the responsibility to apply our talents for the benefit of the lesser privileged individuals and communities as wall as those who need clear, unambiguous and bold representation for their goals anywhere and at any forum.