Compensation and Damages

Any person who initiates malicious prosecution, files false criminal charges against anyone, defames someone, violates a contract, or causes civil harm may be sued for damages. In these situations, the plaintiff requests financial compensation from the defendant. It is advisable to submit legal notice for damages prior to filing a civil lawsuit. The recovery may be founded on a number of categories of damages. In order to make someone whole again, compensatory losses must return them to their pre-loss or pre-harmed state. Two types of compensatory damages are possible, firstly, General Damages are caused by the negligent party’s actions or inactions. 

To return the property’s owner or injured party its fair market worth, a fair amount is required. Special Damages are caused by circumstances after the loss or harm has happened rather than by the wrongdoing itself. Other types of damages are Punitive Damages, Incidental Damages and lastly Future Damages.

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