Rent Law

The law that governs the relationship between a Landlord and Tenant has been codified and is a well-regulated Law. It therefore clearly ascertains the rights and liabilities of both the Parties and further provides a clear and concise mechanism/regimen to address any parties grievances against the other. There is a common misconception in the general public that the Tenant has to follow each and every instruction of the Landlord to the letter whilst the law is quite clear on how compliant and to what extent the Tenant is liable towards the Landlord.
Rights of a Landlord include that his place be kept in a prudentially acceptable state at all times whilst the Tenant has the right to demand off the Landlord to make any renovations which pertain to the structural side of the premises. In case the Landlord fails to do the needful there are other remedies incorporated within the Rent Law regimen of the various provincial statutes that give him a clear way of taking action to implement his rights of peaceful and serene living.
On the other hand, the Landlord has been bestowed upon by the law clear and unequivocal eventualities which give him a clear cause of action to evict the Tenant. Where a Tenant becomes hostile to such demands from the Landlord, the same has a clear legal remedies to avail through which he may enforce his decision.

All in all the Rent law is well foritified and clear intentioned for both the Landlord and Tenant to avail their needs legally.

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