Supreme Court of Pakistan

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is the highest and apex Court of Pakistan. It is the highest Court of Appeal and the last resort for legal redressals. Its orders and judgments are final and constitute the Law once they acquire finality. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan contains elaborate provisions which lay down the constituency, working and composition of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
The Supreme Court exercises various jurisdiction. Such jurisdictions may be mentioned as the Supreme Court’s Original jurisdiction, its Appellate jurisdiction and the Review Jurisdiction. Under the COnstitution of Pakistan, the concept of Separation of Powers dictates that the Judiciary shall at all times be independent and autonomous and no interference from other branches of the state may be allowed or condoned.
The Present location of the Supreme Court is the Shahrah-e-Dastoor and it is a magnificent building on the Constitution Avenue in the Federal Capital. The Supreme Court principal seat is located in Islamabad whilst there are registries of the Supreme Court in various provinces and cities.