Aqeel Malik

Aqeel Malik / Barrister-at-Law / Partner

Mr. Malik qualified as a Barrister-at-Law in the year 2011 and is a Member at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, London, United Kingdom. After completing the Bar Professional Training Course and Clerking with Honourable Judges at Snaresbrook Crown Court, London, United Kingdom, Mr. Malik proceeded to the United States and obtained a Master of Laws degree specializing in International and Comparative Law from the George Washington University, Washington DC. Upon his return from the United States, Mr. Malik started practicing law in Pakistan. His major area of practice and concentration are Constitutional, Criminal, US & EU Immigration, White Collar Crime, International Contract Negotiations, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Nabeel Rehman

Nabeel Rehman / Advocate High Court / Partner

Nabeel Rehman is the head of Corporate & Commercial Department at ANZ Partners and based in Islamabad Office. Mr. Rehman is an experienced and dedicated Corporate Lawyer who focuses his practice on corporate and commercial litigation. He plays a crucial role in advising and representing private entities in Pakistan and overseas in all legal aspects of their practice, including constitutional law, assets tracing and recovery, actions against former company officers, company’s internal matters, arbitration, taxation and energy laws amongst others. Furthermore on behalf of the ANZ partners, Mr. Rehman has been responsible for representing private entities and manufacturers before National Tariff Commission pertaining to anti-dumping, countervailing and safe guard measures and before NEPRA related tariff matters.
Zain Rehman

Zain Rehman / Immigration Law/Consultancy, Company Law, Banking

Mr. Rehman qualified as a Lawyer in the year 2011 from Birmingham University, Birmingham, United Kingdom and completed a Law Course (Understanding the Modern Supreme Court) from Harvard Law School in the year 2015. Mr. Rehman further strengthened his education abilities by completing several courses in International Law from Research Society of International Law. He is also qualified as an Immigration Consultant from Canada. Zain Rehman is the head of the Immigration and Banking department at the firm. Mr. Rehman has over 6 years’ experience in Immigration law and Immigration related matters and deals with European Countries, USA, Canada and the U.K. His thorough knowledge and attention to detail in Immigration matters has been of great assistance to our valued clients.
Hamza Humayun Rashid

Hamza Humayun Rashid / Advocate High Court / Partner

Mr. Hamza Humayun is a lawyer based in Lahore. He is Post-grad in law from Northumbria University and the Managing Partner-head of ANZ Partners Lahore Office. He is engaged in rendering wide array of legal services to his client. Over the past few years, he is also a faculty Member of University of Lahore teaching, inter alia, Law of Tort, Law of Taxation and Banking Law. Mr. Hamza Humayun is also a Legal Panelist on a TV programmed “Qanun Kya Kehta Ha” on KN News and has pin pointed several legal and social issues prevailing in Pakistan requiring considerable reforms.
Usama Jamshaid

Usama Jamshaid / Advocate High Court / Partner

Mr. Jamshaid is an LLM graduate and now an Alumnus of the renowned Cardiff University, a member of the prestigious Russel Group of Universities of United Kingdom. After completing his LLM in International Commercial Law, he returned back to Pakistan where he resumed his practice as an advocate in good standing for the High Courts of Pakistan, which he had placed on hold for a period of one year to obtain his LLM. Once back, he initiated his solo practice and has, since 2016 been responsibly taking care of Client-Interests to the highest professional legal standards. Formerly, he had worked for a couple years at Ajuris Advocates and Corporate Counsels as an Associate where he was trained and learned the Practice from one of the best Legal minds in the field today. On his return from England&Wales, Mr. Jamshaid’s solo practice had been blooming quite well with his partner Mr. Fazli Qadir until both were offered Partner-roles at ANZ Partners which they accepted thereby merging their law firm, formerly Qadir-Jamshaid Advocates&Counsels (QJAC) with ANZ Partners.
Fazli Qadir

Fazli Qadir / Advocate High Court / Partner

Fazli Qadir is a graduate of The University of London and pursued his legal career in litigation and transactional practice representing various clients in both Civil and Criminal fields of law. He is an immaculate advocate with a penchant for representing clients and their interests at the Bar with a distinctly practical and convincing attitude. Mr. Qadir has faced judges before various forums of law. Mr. Qadir was formerly the Senior Associate in charge of Litigation at Afzal & Afzal, Advocates and Corporate Counsels, under the guidance and direct mentorship of Mr. Malik Qamar Afzal (Advocate Supreme Court), a renowned Commercial Attorney of Pakistan and has represented various clients. Mr. Qadir has over five (5) years of experience representing clients ranging from Major Corporations and Big Business, to Small Enterprises and Private Individuals. Mr. Qadir also boasts strong ties to the academic sector with affiliations to such prestigious institutions as Army Public College of Management Sciences (APCOMS) and Roots TMUC, Islamabad, where he teaches and helps students focus on the legal aspects of business activity, as well as the effects of the law on everyday business life and transactions, whether they be with regards to consumers, sole traders or companies.